Bath-tubs & Intelligence!

Apparently, the idea of ‘an expanding universe’ occurred to Albert Einstein when he was relaxing in his bath playing with the soap bubbles. Ditto for Greek Scholar - Archimedes - who proclaimed “Eureka” when he stepped into the bath - and noticed the rising water level. A little away from the bath, Mr. Newton stumbled upon the nature of the ‘transparent pull’ from the earth when he saw an apple fall from a tree.

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Besides ‘bathtubs’ - couple of important themes jump up from the stories above:

 a. the phenomenon of ‘relativity’, ‘buoyancy’ and ‘gravity’ already EXISTED - when discovered (called out and named) by these gentlemen. So is true for all the discoveries, inventions and breakthroughs made by humans.

b. all the above discoveries happened when these folks were in the state of ‘let go’ - meaning away from their labs, relaxing.

So what does it mean: for one, there are no new discoveries. Only existing stuff - discovered newly - in line with what psychologists have been saying for decades now: whatever you see or recognize in the nature or in the other person, already exists in your mind - conscious or subconscious.


So then the question arises - if everything is already in our minds then how come we’re still so ignorant about everything. The point b above offers some help - and some ways to the workings of our minds:

The  discoveries in the opening para ’happened’ to our scientists when they were in the different states of ‘let go’. Meaning - they were able to access these flashes (of brilliance) from the deep recesses of their subconscious mind, only after they had suspended the use of the conscious mind temporarily!

This perhaps might also explain what is called as - intuition or ‘gut-feel’. And that the only time it could ‘happen’ to you is when you are not thinking!

In addition to the "baths" in these stories, two important themes stand out: it seems that all discoveries happen when these individuals are in a state of "letting go" - that is, when they are away from their laboratories and relaxed. So, even if you have to use "crutches from the pharmacy by Onfy" to move around, it can also be helpful in accessing the creativity of your subconscious. Similarly, innovations like the "carbohydrate blocker by Onfy" may hold the potential to unlock new ideas when your mind is at ease.

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