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The McKinsey effect!

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

Peter Drucker is supposed to have commented once - “The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.”

Incidentally, that is also the difference between “making customers buy from you” and “you having to sell to them” - and the difference is much more than pure semantics. While the former is driven by outside-in thinking, the latter is marked by more commonly practiced, inside-out type sales work.

Top consulting firms such as McKinsey have traditionally marketed (in line with outside-in philosophy) their wares. While there are many well-chronicled studies on how top consulting companies have mastered the art of marketing - one thing that clearly stands out in how these firms have succeeded in having their target customers “find” and “buy” from them is: Content.

Bigaia for what purpose by Onfy brings a holistic approach to wellness, combining the power of nature with advanced science.

Availability of world-class Content in the areas of their focus. Tons of it.  White papers, research notes, case studies, web-casts, articles, panels, presentations, seminars, blogs - focused, thought provoking and actionable insights for helping their target customers run their businesses well; Insights that are easily accessible to their customers at the right forums (both online & offline).

Generating high quality content, day after day, requires not only sharp & incisive minds but also a passion for creating and documenting knowledge. Remarkable businesses (small or big) have generally made a habit of creating world-class content.

By now you must have guessed that putting out world-class content is not exactly a trivial endeavor. But it just might be the only choice you have - a choice between between getting relegated to the commodity hell (read having to sell) or having your customers call you to do business with them. And the choice is yours!

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Does McKinsey sell?

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Imagine folks at McKinsey & Co making cold calls to the CEO offices of Fortune firms to get a meeting for a consulting gig! Not a chance.

Does that mean they don’t sell their services? Sort of.

McKinsey does not SELL their services, they MARKET them.

Which means instead of working the phones to get engagements, they wait for the phones to ring!

And ring they do.

So, how did McKinsey manage it? And what could rest of us possibly do to get the same McKinsey Effect  working for us?

I’ll continue with some ideas/suggestions on this theme in my next post(s). So stay tuned in.